Become a Member

Child Rights Connect warmly welcomes new members. 

We currently have 108 organisations part of the Network, including international and national NGOs and child rights coalitions. Together we are a powerful voice for child rights within the UN.

The membership of Child Rights Connect is open to civil society organisations and networks of NGOs, which are committed to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to the vision and purpose of Child Rights Connect.


Child Rights Connect envisions a world in which all children enjoy their rights, as defined by the convention on the rights of the child.


To advocate for and support the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols for the realisation of children’s rights worldwide.

Organisations fulfilling these criteria and are ready to fulfil all member responsibilities, commit to contribute to the network, and are recommended for membership by at least one member of Child Rights Connect, are invited to apply for membership.

Member Benefits

  • Receive direct support to influence UN Human Rights mechanisms

  • Participate in joint activities, events and advocacy to leverage your work

  • Participate in the network’s thematic working groups or initiate a working group on your thematic priority

  • Benefit from capacity building activities of the network, learn from others and share your expertise with others

  • Receive information about children’s rights issues and child rights-related developments at the UN, and about other member organisations

  • Promote your organisation’s work to a global audience

  • Network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the network

  • Enlarge your personal and professional networks

  • Contribute to the strategic development of Child Rights Connect, by:

    • actively contributing to the development of policies and strategies
    • participating in the General Assembly;
    • being elected as a member of Child Rights Connect’s Executive Committee

Member Commitments

In addition to the basic responsibilities, members are invited to commit to the following:

  • Participate in and contribute to the General Assembly, surveys and consultations, and other Child Rights Connect events
  • Engage in joint advocacy
  • Participate in and contribute to working groups
  • Share information and good practices with the network and establish links to other networks and coalitions
  • Raise awareness about Child Rights Connect to potential new members and donors
  • Raise funds for joint projects

Member Responsibilities

As a member of Child Rights Connect you are responsible to

  • Fully adhere to the statutes, organisational policies and rules of Child Rights Connect
  • Pay annual membership fee each year in advance of the GA and provide annual budget and accounts of member organisation/coalition
  • Ensure allocation of time/human resources for the engagement with the network, in order to contribute to the strategic objectives
  • Inform Child Rights Connect of any significant changes in the organisation, such as change in contact person, name change, change of statutes, vision or mission
  • Inform the Secretariat of their separate work with strategic partners of Child Rights Connect, that might be overlapping or conflicting

The deadline for applications is December 31st of each year.

Organisations which are members of coalitions or umbrella organisations are encouraged to work with Child Rights Connect through their mother organisation.

Membership Fees

Annual Budget (CHF) Minimum Annual Membership Fee
Less than 500’000 CHF 150 CHF
500’000 – 1’000’000 CHF 500 CHF
1’000’000 – 2’000’000 CHF 1’000 CHF
2’000’000 – 5’000’000 CHF 2’500 CHF
5’000’000 – 25’000’000 CHF 5’000 CHF
25’000’000 – 50’000’000 CHF 10’000 CHF
More than 50’000’000 CHF 15’000 CHF

Membership fees are important contributions to ensure the sustainability of Child Rights Connect. They are usually the only unrestricted funds, that can be used to build up reserves, and to be used in case of financial shortfalls.

With their fees and other contributions, members express their support and commitment to Child Rights Connect, which is a key indicator for the relevance of the network for potential new donors.

The amount to be paid by each member organisation depends on their annual budget for the year of payment.

If coalitions and networks base their membership fees on the budget of their secretariat and are not paying the highest contribution, this secretariat is responsible for any coordination work between their members and Child Rights Connect.

Additional clause: For any member providing Child Rights Connect with core-funding or project funds of 20’000 CHF, or greater, fees (in addition to core/project funds) will be capped at a maximum, depending on income where lower rates apply, of 5’000 CHF.

Membership fees are to be paid in advance of the General Assembly of the respective year.

Member organisations can terminate their membership through a written resignation, notifying the Executive Committee at least six months before the end of the calendar year. The resignation letter can be sent to the secretariat, who will inform the Executive Committee accordingly. Members, who are not adhering to the main responsibilities can be excluded from Child Rights Connect upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, and confirmed by the General Assembly.

In all cases of termination of membership, the membership fee for the year of termination remains due.