The Child Rights Connect Children’s Advisory Team

What is the Children’s Advisory Team?

The global Children’s Advisory Team is a permanent structure within the organisation.

The Team is key to our goal of advancing the recognition, protection and empowerment of child human rights defenders, including through child participation at national, regional and international levels (you can see this in our Strategic Plan 2020-2024).

You can read the Terms of Reference for the Children’s Advisory Team here- EN |FR |ES

When was it created?

The first organisational Child Rights Connect Children’s Advisory Team was created and began its activities in February 2020. The child advisors have chosen a mandate of either one or two years.

Child Rights Connect has created and supported Children’s Advisory Teams in the past, and we have built on the experiences and lessons learned from outgoing child advisors!

For example, Child Rights Connect first supported a Children’s Advisory Team of 21 child advisors to be at the core of its activities for the 2018 UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Day of Discussion (DGD) on Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights Defenders. You can find out more here! It then supported a global Children’s Advisory Team of 9 child advisors in the development of UNICEF’s official child-friendly UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. You can find out more here!

Who is on the Team?

The 16 current child advisors created their individual profiles to get to know each other which they wish to share and can be found here – EN | FRES

We developed a child advisor selection process with our outgoing child advisors which you can read here- EN | FR | ES to ensure inclusivity, diversity and fairness. New child advisors will be selected every year.

Each child advisor has a supporting organisation – you can read the Terms of Reference for the supporting organisations here – EN | FR | ES

Meet our Child Advisors!

What activities are the child advisors taking forward? 

Access the living roadmap, which is a timeline of key activities of 2020 for the Team and has been developed with the child advisors, here! EN | ES | FR

Some initiatives that the child advisors have taken forward so far in 2020:

A briefing for governments on how to support children’s rights before and during a pandemic EN | FR | ES

A storybook ‘Our Lives Under Lockdown’ by children, for children EN | FR | ES

In progress… a Children’s Advisory Team logo!

In progress… child-friendly version of an Implementation Guide on Advancing the rights of children human rights defenders