Committee Elections

Every two years, the term of half the Committee members ends and elections take place in New York, generally in June. 

Child Rights Connect advocates for quality, independence and diversity of the Committee membership. We contact States and children’s rights defenders to encourage the nomination and election of the most suitably qualified experts, based on the official criteria provided by the CRC, the GA Resolution on treaty body strengthening and the Addis Ababa Guidelines on the independence and impartiality of treaty body members. We also promote transparency by providing the nominees with the opportunity to respond to a public questionnaire where they can demonstrate how their experience and expertise is an added value for the Committee.

As a member of TB-Net, Child Rights Connect works to make the elections of the Committee on the Rights of the Child as well as of other treaty bodies more open and transparent. For this purpose, you can find all the complementary questionnaires and videos of the candidates in the TB Elections website.

You can also the Summary Report TB-Net & Amnesty International Event on Treaty Body Election. The Report summarizes a roundtable working meeting under the Chatham house rule held on the 15th November 2018, with the aim to discuss amongst States and other key stakeholders including the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and NGOs, the current nominations and elections processes for Treaty Body membership, and proposals for improvements which aim to enhance the quality, independence and diversity of Treaty Body membership.

2020 elections

On 24th of November 2020, nine new members of the Committee on the Rights of the Child were elected in New York to replace members whose terms are expiring on 28 February 2021 (alphabetical order):

  1. Rinchen CHOPHEL, Bhutan, English – first term (120 votes)
  2. Sopio KILADZE, Georgia, English – first term (125 votes)
  3. Benyam Dawit MEZMUR, Ethiopia, Arabic | English | French | Spanish – re-elected (127 votes)
  4. Mikiko OTANI, Japan, English | French | Spanish, Questionnaire, Video – re-elected (145 votes)
  5. Luis Ernesto PEDERNERA REYNA, Uruguay, Spanish – re-elected (128 votes)
  6. Zara RATOU, Chad, English | French, Questionnaire, Video – first term (113 votes)
  7. Ann SKELTON, South Africa, English | French, Questionnaire, Video – re-elected (123 votes)
  8. Velina TODOROVA, Bulgaria, English | FrenchQuestionnaire, Video (EN | FR) – re-elected (149 votes)
  9. Benoit VAN KEIRSBILCK, Belgium, English | French, Questionnaire (ENFR | ES), Video (EN | FR | ES) – first term (143 votes)

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From March 2021 onwards, the new membership of the Committee will consist of 9 women and 9 men, who come from the following regions: 3 from Latin America and the Caribbean; 7 from Africa; 3 from Asia-Pacific; 2 from Eastern Europe and 3 from Western Europe and other States.

Our member network has a broad reach and works in every country in the world.

It is unique in its global outreach and its diversity, constituting a strong and credible global voice on children’s rights.

Help us create a world in which all children can enjoy their rights.