Donate to Child Rights Connect

Child Rights Connect relies on donations from its members, partners, governments, foundations and individuals to carry out our work on child rights worldwide.
Child Rights Connect accepts donations by bank transfer, cheque/money order or online.
Thank you for your support. It will make a huge difference to our work and to children throughout the world.

Bank transfer

Please make your donation to:
Child Rights Connect
UBS SA Vermont – Nations
17 Chemin Louis Dunant
1211 Geneva 20
For Swiss Francs and other currencies
Account No. 279- 230010.01M
IBAN: CH55 0027 9279 2300 1001 M
For US Dollars
Account No. 279-230010.60L
IBAN: CH55 0027 9279 2300 1060 L
For Swedish Kronors
Account No. 279-230010
IBAN: CH07 0027 9279 2300 1061R

Cheques, bank order or international money order

Please make out your cheque/bank order/money order to Child Rights Connect and send it to:
Child Rights Connect
1, rue de Varembé
CH-1202 Geneva