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Here you can find upcoming public events with Child Rights Connect’s Secretariat involvement. In addition, you can find updated information on the sessions and pre-sessions of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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Thirty Years of Children’s Rights ScholarshipTaking Stock and Thinking Ahead 

This conference will provide an opportunity for children’s rights scholars from across the globe to reflect on developments in children’s rights scholarship since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It will cover a range of issues, including juvenile justice, educationfamily relationshipschild participation, health and well-beingpoverty and immigration. 

Discussions will be informed by a series of short reviews by leading and up-and-coming scholars from across the world who will reflect on key theoreticalempirical and methodological contributions to children’s rights research over the past three decades. This will help to reveal gaps in knowledge and identify opportunities and priorities for further scholarship. 

Our Programme Manager Ilaria Paolazzi will be participating. 

Day 1 Thursday 20th June  

Chair: Kirsten Sandberg 

11.00-11.10  Introductions  Laura Lundy and Helen Stalford 
11.15-12.00  Children’s Rights Theory  Karl Hanson (University of Geneva) 

Noam Peleg (UNSW, Sydney) 

12.00-12.45  Poverty/socio-economic rights  Aoife Nolan (Nottingham University) 

Kirrily Pells (UCL) 

1.30- 2.15  Education  Ann Quennerstedt (Orebro University) 

Zoé Moody (University of Geneva) 

2.15-3.00  UNCRC Incorporation  Simon Hoffman (Swansea University) 

Rebecca Stern (Uppsala University) 

3.00-4.00  Open Discussion  Discussant: Roberta Ruggiero 


Day 2 Friday 21th June 

Chair: Professor Julia Sloth-Nielson 

11.00-11.15  30 years, 30 cheers!: 

Celebrating the UNCRC 

Michael Freeman 
11.15-12.00  Child Participation 


Kay Tisdall (Edinburgh University) 

Christina McMellon (Glasgow University) (TBC) 

12.00-12.45  Child Migration  Ellen Desmet (Ghent University) 

Ruth Brittle (Nottingham University) 

1.30- 2.15  Family  Conor O’Mahony (University College Cork) 

Lydia Bracken (University of Limerick) 

2.15-3.00  Juvenile Justice  Ton Liefaard (Leiden University) 

Nessa Lynch (University of Wellington) 

3.00-4.00  Open Discussion  Discussant: Claire Fenton-Glynn