Public Spending to Realise Children’s Rights

Child Rights Connect members and partners have collaborated to gather the views of nearly 2,700 children from more than 70 countries about how governments spend money to protect and promote child rights.  This information has been sent to the UN to support the HRC Annual Day on the Rights of the Child in 2015 and the General Comment developed by the Committee on the Rights of the Child on this theme.

Click here for the full report on what children had to say about how governments invest in their rights.


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Children’s views on how government spends money

Child Rights Connect and partners are working on a survey about how governments spend money.  If you’re under 18-years old, keep reading to see how you can participate:

Want to share your views?
Thank you for your interest! The survey is now closed

Who designed the survey?

Hello, we are a team of researchers from the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland). We worked with a group of young people to create this survey, along with help from all the partners.

What is the purpose of the survey?

The survey will ask you some questions about your views on how governments spend money to keep their promises to children. Child Rights Connect and partners are inviting children from all over the world to take part in this survey. The answers provided will be included in advice sent by the United Nations to governments all around the world.

What will happen to the Information you provide in the survey?
Karen Orr from the Centre for Children's Rights


If you decide to take part in the survey, the information you provide  will be sent to Karen. She is one of the researchers from the Centre for Children’s Rights.  Karen will analyse all the survey responses.  Then the team will write up the results in reports (these reports will not include any child’s name –  all your responses will be anonymous).

What will this information be used for?

Jorge Cardona CRC Committee Member
“My name is Jorge Cardona, I work for the Committee on the Rights of the Child. On behalf of the Committee I would like to say thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and to reassure you that we promise to take your views seriously.” 

A report of the survey results will be sent to two groups at the United Nations — The Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Council. Both of these groups examine how well governments are doing to make sure that all children in their country are enjoying their rights. Now, they are working together to give governments advice on how they can spend money in ways that will help them to keep their promises to children.  They will include views from the survey in their advice to governments.

The information gathered  might also be presented to different audiences, for example, at conferences or in journals, so that other people can learn about children’s views on how governments spend money (again, no child’s name will ever appear).


Work with a group of children who would like to share their views in other ways?

If you would like to run a discussion group with children on this topic, you can download our consultation guides (and facilitator feedback forms) here: Consultation guide for children aged 10-18 Consultation guide for younger children or those with literacy difficulties.
Consultation for children         

Please complete facilitator feedback forms in English and return to Karen Orr ( by 31st January 2015. If you require a paper-based version of the survey for children, please contact Karen Orr for details.

Partners working together on the survey: