Speak up for your Rights (OP3)

A short guide for children, teens and child-led organisations about a new United Nations treaty that lets you speak up about child rights violations

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My Pocket Guide to CRC Reporting (2011)

A child and youth-friendly tool that provides information about how children and youth can engage with the CRC Committee and be involved in on-going monitoring of the CRC and its Optional protocols in their respective countries.
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Together with Children (2011)

A companion guide to publication above, this booklet is a useful tool for NGOs accompanying children during the CRC reporting process and beyond, for on-going child and youth participation in the monitoring and implementation of the CRC and its Optional Protocols at the national level.
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UNITEd Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (External Links)

Child Friendly guide about the Convention and the Committee
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Child Friendly guides that explain the rights of the child as declared by the UN
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Road Map to End Violence against Children on the Optional Protocol
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