Child Rights Connect and its members engage in the Council’s Special Session on Ukraine

The Human Rights Council decided to organize this week a Special Session to focus on the deteriorating human rights situation in Ukraine stemming from the Russian aggression. Child Rights Connect and its members made a joint statement calling for the cease of hostilities, as well as for all domestic and [...]

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Trends on child rights at the Human Rights Council 49 session: updates on child participation and CHRDs; new resolution on family reunification; and a major win for child rights mainstreaming

New space is gained at the Council regarding the participation of children, whilst trends against child participation and child human rights defenders continue. The resolution on the rights of the child and family reunification maintains international standards. The UN Human Rights Office gets a new mandate on child rights mainstreaming. [...]

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📢 For the first time, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights meets with children from all over the world!

On the 5th and 6th of April, children from all around the globe participated in Child Consultations held by the UN CESCR on its next General Comment on sustainable development and economic, social, and cultural human rights.  The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UN CESCR) is [...]

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New! Child-Friendly Position Paper on Child Rights Mainstreaming

Last year, Child Rights Connect launched a position paper on child rights mainstreaming calling for the United Nations (UN) to act. The office of the Secretary-General of the UN replied by agreeing to develop a UN Guidance Note on Child Rights Mainstreaming. Together with our Children's Advisory Team (CAT) from [...]

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Joint Call for Child Participation at Upcoming ILO Conference on Child Labour

From the 15th till the 20th of May, the V Global Conference on Child Labour is taking place in Durban, South Africa. Here, you can find the draft agenda for the event presented by the South African Government. Momentum is building towards the Conference and particularly in regard to children's participation.  [...]

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Child Rights Connect In Action: UN Secretary-General takes action to start addressing the UN’s lack of a system-wide approach to child rights in response to CRCnct’s call

Why child rights mainstreaming is critical to realizing child rights   While the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the most ratified human rights treaty, this near universal set of obligations and commitments has not yet translated into transformative change for children as rights holders. To the [...]

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Annual day on the Rights of the Child 2022: reinforcing standards on child rights and family reunification

“The right to grow up in a family environment must be respected and fulfilled, (…) [and] children’s opinions and experiences should be taken into account”, highlighted Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, during the opening of the 2022 Annual Day on the Rights of the Child with [...]

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Child Advisor Kathak calls for child participation in the implementation of “Our Common Agenda”

Today’s actions and inactions to protect the planet will affect children now and future generations. Therefore, children must be included and consulted in decision-making processes, told child advisor Kathak to UN Member States.  On 4 March 2022, the UN General Assembly held a panel discussion in the context of the [...]

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