Capacity building

As part of our capacity building and empowering work, Child Rights Connects runs training workshops for NGOs and other non-State actors. These cover a range of topics, all designed to help participants engage effectively with the Committee and other human rights mechanisms and processes.

About our training workshops

Child Rights Connect works to empower and build the capacity of NGOs and other non-State actors to bring about change at national level. Our aim is to help them engage effectively with the Committee on the Rights of the Child and with other international human rights mechanisms and processes, including the Human Rights Council and its Universal Periodic Review mechanism. Our training workshops are designed to support this work.
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Who do we train?

We primarily train NGOs and child rights coalitions, but the training can also be extended to Ombudspersons and child-led organisations. We are unable to offer training for government representatives.
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As we have a small number of staff, we can only undertake a limited number of training workshops each year. Training requests are guided by our strategic priorities as an organisation and our annual work plans.
Depending on the availability of individual staff members, we can conduct training workshops in English, French or Spanish. This availability is shaped by our commitments during Committee and Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva. (To check the dates when we are likely to be unavailable, visit the websites of the Committee and the Human Rights Council).
We prioritise the capacity building of national child rights NGOs, particularly those working in coalitions. If we have multiple requests at one time, we give priority to regional workshops which bring together participants from different countries and allow for broader outreach and impact.

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What are our training sessions about?

We tailor our training workshops to meet the needs of each group. While we can take part in shaping the agenda of the training workshop to meet participants needs, we do not organise the logistics of training workshops.
Our workshops focus on:

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Where do we train?

Training sessions are generally held in the country where the request came from or in Geneva. Shorter sessions can also be done remotely, using telephone or internet technology as available.
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How to request a training workshop

Contact Child Rights Connect’s secretariat with the details of your training request.
We will respond to your request within 10 working days of its receipt. If we are able to agree to your request for training, we can work with you on the draft agenda of the workshop or simply on our presentation, as needed.

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Providing speakers for conferences

We are available to participate as speakers at conferences, either in person or virtually (by remote access). To discuss such a request, please contact us
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