UP Child Rights & the UN Child Rights Treaties

Child Rights Connect is promoting the universal ratification of the CRC and its Optional Protocols through our campaign UP Child Rights.

Child Rights are violated every day. Everywhere.

We can change that by making children a priority with laws and systems to promote rights – like education, health, and safety – for every child.

The UN child rights treaties do just that. They have been used to bring positive change to the lives of children around the world. But, not all countries have ratified the treaties, signalling to the world that the basic rights of children are not priorities. YOU can be part of a positive change for children in your country.

See how the UN child rights treaties impact the lives of children at www.upchildrights.org

Sign the petition and tell your government you want to promote the rights of every child.

We, the citizens of the world, call on all Members of the United Nations to show their commitment to the rights of each and every child by ratifying and implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its three Optional Protocols.

Every day child rights are violated, everywhere. We need a change. Move child rights UP to the top national agenda by ratifying these treaties. Guarantee that all children around the world live with proper systems to protect and promote their rights.

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