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Every human being is entitled to human rights. Children represent around a third of the global population. Yet their rights are being neglected or violated across the globe. For four decades, we have been advancing the rights, empowerment and protection of children from the local to the global level, with children, our Network members and observers, and partners.

Here are examples of some of the recent impact we have made in advancing child rights around the world.

Impact Stories

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Child Rights Connect In Action: Children influence global discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals

2 May, 2022
Children have been historically excluded from discussions at the Human Rights Council  The 2017 Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution on the protection of child rights in the implementation of the […]

Child Rights Connect In Action: Empowering defenders to use the OPIC to ensure redress for child victims

25 April, 2022
Why the OPIC is key to providing redress to children when national mechanisms fail to do so  Child human rights violations are on the rise, particularly given the context of […]

Child Rights Connect In Action: Child Participation and Child Empowerment – Reflections from our Child Advisors

19 April, 2022
Why a Children’s Advisory Team (CAT)  There are multiple examples of child human rights defenders (CHRDs) from all horizons vibrantly advocating for the protection of human rights, the environment and […]

Child Rights Connect In Action: Now more than ever: Resourcing children and other defenders to call on States to effect change through the CRC Committee 

11 April, 2022
Reduced opportunities for bringing State parties to account on their implementation of the UNCRC  Civil society reporting is critical to informing the work of the Committee on the Rights of […]

Child Rights Connect In Action: Empowering children and other defenders to influence the law and practices on human rights defenders in Moldova

4 April, 2022
Key challenges faced by CHRDs in Moldova  The world is experiencing an unprecedent mobilization of children acting to address the most pressing challenges faced by humanity. Moldova is no exception. […]

Child Rights Connect In Action: After our call, UN Secretary-General decides to develop a systematic UN approach to child rights

28 March, 2022
Why child rights mainstreaming is critical to realizing child rights   While the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the most ratified human rights treaty, this near […]

2022 By the Numbers

2022 By the Numbers

Children’s rights defenders, including children, empowered to report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child
New / updated multilingual resources published to help children / adults engage with the United Nations
Child advisors, aged between 13 and 18-years-old, from all regions of the world, including 7 girls, 1 gender diverse child, and 2 children with disabilities
Online workshops / meetings led or co-led by Child Rights Connect on various child rights issues
Actors engaged in meetings / workshops on the rights of child human rights defenders and child participation
Actors engaged in meetings / workshops on child access to justice including through the OPIC

What others say about our impact ...

Without Child Rights Connect’s presence, the global civil society’s advocacy and influence on children’s rights and child rights mainstreaming would be hampered.”

External evaluation 2022

“Joining Child Rights Connect made me aware of how important children’s rights is in this world where children’s voices can’t be heard and often ignored.”

Sophia, 2021 child advisor, Indonesia

“[Child Rights Connect] have made it possible for me to carry the voice of the children and young people of my country and always respect my position from the point of view of disability.”

Jorge, 2021 child advisor, Bolivia

How we make our change happen

We know from experience that change takes time, can be incremental, and requires collaboration. The below graph shows how we make change happen.

A results-based approach

We work with a results-based approach. This means results are at the centre of what we do, and how we do it. We operate with a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan which outlines what information we track to assess our results, how this information is collected, how frequently and by whom. Every year, we undertake a comprehensive review of our results against our set objectives and identify lessons learned. We document this information in our public annual reports and reports to our donors. Periodically, we engage consultants to conduct an external evaluation of our impact. We use key findings to adapt what we do and how we do it to better and more sustainably advance child rights.

The change we seek to achieve is about shifting perceptions, attitudes, and practices, particularly towards empowering children and civil society, influencing decisions of States, and promoting legal and policy reform. Our methods for assessing impact therefore heavily rely on qualitative data. But we also collect quantitative data to track our reach. We strive to disaggregate the data we collect by age, gender, geography, and other criteria to assess how different categories of children and children’s rights defenders are impacted upon by our work and improve the inclusiveness of our actions.

Interested in helping us advance child rights?

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