Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

Below are a series of fact sheets developed by Child Rights Connect to help NGOs better understand how to submit reports and be involved generally in reporting to the UPR mechanism.

Fact Sheet 1: The Universal Periodic Review (2011)

This provides information for NGOs on how the UPR mechanism functions; how it differs from the CRC reporting mechanism; and how NGOs can be involved to influence the process and bring key child rights issues to the forefront.
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Fact Sheet 2: NGO Written Submission for the UPR (2011) 

This fact sheet provides information for NGOs about how to prepare and submit a written report for consideration in relation to the UPR of a given State. The fact sheet details how best to capture child rights issues and present them in a way that communicates key messages effectively to States.
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Fact Sheet 3:  NGO Advocacy in the UPR (2013)

This fact sheet provides information for NGOS about how to advocate in the UPR. It details the importance of NGO advocacy in the UPR and the key characteristics of an effective advocacy strategy.
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UPR Advocacy Paper Template

This is the electronic version of the paper copy  model. Please select your language and download to fill in. Please make sure to fill out a separate form for each key issue.
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Fact Sheet 4:  Follow-up to the UPR (2014)

This fact sheet provides information for NGOS about how to activities that they can take after their State is reviewed under the UPR to encourage the government to implement the recommendations that they accept.
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