Celebrating 30 years by “Universally Promoting Child Rights”!

This campaign was envisioned to bring members together for the 30th Anniversary. We are overwhelmed by the support shown through websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We have finished our ‘active-campaigning’, but due to such a great response, the website and petition are being left open, so please feel free to continue sharing and signing the petition.

Through our network, during a one-month period from 21 October to 20 November, messaging reached ¾ million people from 138 countries in every region of the world. We had active participation from over 3,000 people and 40 organisations in 10 different languages, calling on their governments to promote and protect the rights of children through universal ratification of the CRC and all three of its OPs.

UPlogo-Color_EnglishGIFEvery day child rights are violated, everywhere.
We can change that by making children a priority with laws and systems to promote rights – like education, health, and safety – for every child.
The UN child rights treaties do just that. They have been used to bring positive change to the lives of children around the world. But, not all countries have ratified the treaties, signalling to the world that the basic rights of children are not priorities.
Through the UP Child Rights campaign, Child Rights Connect members and partners are working to make sure that every child fully enjoys their rights guaranteed by the CRC and and its Optional Protocols.  We are raising our voices to call for universal ratification of all 4 of the UN child rights treaties.
YOU can be part of a positive change for children in your country.

Click here to Sign the Petition! Tell YOUR government to move children UP on the national agenda