Child Rights Connect is committed to making children’s rights a reality for all children around the globe. To make sure we do this in a safe, fair and clear way, we have made some standards and processes to follow.

Code of Conduct

The Child Rights Connect team is required to act professionally, respectfully, and ethically in their work. This means always following the values in our Code of Conduct, when working in-person or online, and within and outside the organisation.

Child safeguarding policy and procedure

The safety and wellbeing of all children involved in Child Rights Connect’s activities is our top priority. This document helps us to make sure we help to stop any harm or risk to children, and to act quickly if anything does happen.

Whistleblower policy

The Child Rights Connect Team must respect human rights standards and follow the different rules in place to make sure it acts in a safe and fair way. If anyone wants to report a situation where this has not happened, this document can help them.