Working with the United Nations

We work with the United Nations human rights system to make it a better mechanism for change in children’s rights practices.

We work closely with our strategic partners at the United Nations, to further develop and protect the international legal children’s rights framework. In addition to that, we advocate for and support our partners to ensure that they uphold a child rights-based approach to their own work.

With the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child our advocacy and support aims at strengthening a holistic position and jurisprudence of the Committee, as well as ensuring that their working methods integrate child rights-based standards, ensuring safe participation of children’s rights defenders, including children.

We also work with different units of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), other Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures (SP) mandate holders, the Human Rights Council (HRC) and States, with whom we advocate for awareness and understanding of children’s human rights, for the full recognition of children as rights holders.