Events Calendar

Here you can find upcoming public events with Child Rights Connect’s Secretariat involvement. In addition, you can find updated information on the sessions and pre-sessions of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

96th pre-session

Pre-sessions: Bahrain (OPSC, OPAC), Egypt, Mali, Namibia, Pakistan (OPSC), Panama (OPSC) Deadline for alternative reports: 1st July 2023 SRP pre-sessions: South Africa Deadline for written inputs to State report: 1st August 2023

95th session

Bulgaria, Congo, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Senegal (CRC, OPSC, OPAC), South Africa Deadline for additional submissions: 15th December 2023 The review of Israel has been postponed.

97th pre-session

Pre-sessions: Armenia, Eritrea, Honduras, Mexico, Slovakia, Turkmenistan Deadline for alternative reports: 1st November 2023 SRP pre-sessions: Estonia, Bhutan, Georgia, Guatemala Deadline for written inputs to State report: 1st November 2023 No adoption of LOIPR.

96th session

Bhutan SRP, Egypt, Estonia SRP, Georgia SRP, Guatemala SRP, Mali, Namibia, Paraguay and Panama (OPSC) Deadline for additional submissions: 15th April 2024

98th pre-session

The 98th pre-session has been postponed for countries under the tradicional reporting procedure! Pre-sessions: Brazil (CRC, OPSC), Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, St. Kitts and Nevis and Sudan (POSTPONED to September) Deadline for alternative reports: 1st March 2024 SRP pre-sessions: Ecuador and Argentina (ADVANCED TO 22 and 23 May) Deadline for written [...]

97th session

Sessions: Armenia, Bahrain (OPAC, OPSC), Ecuador, Eritrea, Honduras, Israel, Mexico, Slovakia, Turkmenistan Deadline for additional submissions:  15th August 2024  

99th pre-session

Pre-sessions: Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ghana, Malaysia, Maldives, Uganda and United States of America (OPSC, OPAC). Deadline for alternative reports: 1st July 2024 SRP pre-sessions countries to be confirmed depending on the submission of the State report: Fiji, Gambia, Norway, Peru, Romania, Sierra Leone, Spain, Qatar Deadline for alternative reports: 1st August [...]