A new pilot project to boost the agency of children at risk of or separated from their parents to shape and take forward their human rights activities in Bulgaria

Thanks to project funding from Tanya’s Dream Fund hosted by Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, we have recently launched a new pilot project in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the National Network for Children (NNC) and the New Bulgarian University - Know How Centre for Alternative Care for Children (KHC), to advance the [...]

2023-02-15T15:14:42+01:0015 February , 2023|

For the first time ever, children will inform the development (and implementation) of a new law on the protection of human rights defenders! This is our project in Moldova.

Thanks to new project funding from the Ville de Genève as well as on-going financial support from the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida), we are about to step up our action in Moldova, in collaboration with our long-time partner and member, the Centrul de Informare şi Documentare privind [...]

2023-02-15T15:11:38+01:0027 January , 2023|

Support children to share their views with the UN Human Rights Office on inclusive social protection!

The UN Human Rights Office is writing a report to the Human Rights Council on inclusive social protection. They want to hear from children worldwide about their views and recommendations on this important subject! 🔈 Are you in contact with groups or networks of children that would like to share their [...]

2023-01-25T12:46:37+01:0025 January , 2023|

CRC session 92

At the 92nd CRC session opening, for the second time, children have addressed the Committee at the session opening! A member of the General Comment 26 Children’s Advisory Team delivered a speech, followed by a video message from other GC26 child advisors. “[…] you need [...]

2023-12-20T13:31:07+01:0016 January , 2023|

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights updates children on the status of their General Comment on Sustainable Development

Check out the videos to learn about the main takeaways from the consultations with children!   On 5th and 6th of April 2022, the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights held three Consultations with children coming from all around the world and from different backgrounds for the [...]

2023-01-19T01:05:36+01:0021 December , 2022|

Civil society and children contributed to shaping the draft UN Guidance Note on Child Rights Mainstreaming! 

For the first time ever, the UN as a system is making an assessment of how it integrates child rights into its work. The Secretary-General has committed to develop a Guidance Note on Child Rights Mainstreaming to provide practical guidance to all levels of the United Nations, across all three [...]

2023-08-08T15:02:34+02:0012 December , 2022|

Spread the word about our new #ChildrenStandUp4HumanRights appeal !

We have just launched our new campaign #ChildrenStandUp4HumanRights: Follow their lead! to garner support for our child advisors to take forward their own national awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns in the context of the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and our 40th anniversary in 2023. [...]

2022-12-14T03:55:42+01:006 December , 2022|

Our child advisors and mentors inform upcoming report of Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders on positive change

You can read the full submission from Child Rights Connect and its Children’s Advisory Team (CAT) and Mentor Group here.     7 of the current and former members of Child Rights Connect’s Children's Advisory Team recently shared case studies to feed into an upcoming report of the UN Special Rapporteur [...]

2022-11-16T15:23:37+01:0016 November , 2022|

Joint civil society statement on Secretary-General’s fourth biennial report on the status of the treaty body system

At the UN General Assembly, TB-Net and other organisations (including Amnesty International, the Geneva Human Rights Platform (Geneva Academy), the International Service for Human Rights, and the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights), raised the need to support the development of predictable review calendars and sustainable funding [...]

2022-10-31T19:20:35+01:0031 October , 2022|
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