Child Rights Connect’s Children’s Advisory Team (CAT) is a team of 12 child advisors from different parts of the world and who act as human rights defenders and  make positive changes for children across the world. It is a permanent structure of the organisation and is essential to our goal of advancing the recognition, protection and empowerment of child human rights defenders.

When it was created in February 2020, the advisors could choose a one or two years mandate, depending on their age and motivation. This system allows the team to be renewed regularly and organically,  ensuring that advisors who have already completed a first mandate can guide and empower new commers to strive in their new role.

This year, 6 of our incredible advisors will finish their terms, as 6 new children will join the team.

Excited for the future, we look forward to meeting new advisors and building the team on the experiences and lessons learned from outgoing child advisors!

If you are interested to join the CAT, you can find all the necessary information, including how to apply, here: English, Español, Français