After taking informal consultations with States in both New York and Geneva, as well as with the OHCHR, the treaty bodies, and the civil society, the Permanent Missions of Switzerland and Morocco, as Co-Facilitators of the UN Human Rights Treaty Body Review Process 2020, have released their report containing their findings and recommendations:

Report of the co-facilitators on the state of the UN human rights treaty body system

Many recommendations from TB-Net joint statements and submissions were taken up, including the recommendation for a fixed calendar.

The recommendations of the Co-Facilitators focus on the following issues:

1.Use of information and communication technologies
a. Individual Communications
b. Nomination and selection of Treaty Body Members
2. Alignment of working methods and rules of procedure
a. Simplified Reporting Procedure
b. Aligned methodology for constructive dialogue
c. Aligned methodology for concluding observations and follow-up recommendations
d. Aligned modalities for stakeholder interaction
3. Fixed Calendar and Periodicity of the human rights treaty bodies sessions
4. Accessibility by different stakeholders
a. Civil society, national human rights institutions and academic platforms
b. Persons with disabilities
c. Reviews in the Regions
5. Capacity building and technical assistance
6. Budgetary issues

The Co-Facilitators concluded that a follow-up process is most appropriate to achieve the goal of strengthening and enhancing the effective functioning of the human rights treaty body system.