Child Rights Connect stands in solidarity with its member Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) and the children they work with, following another raid of their offices the night of 17 to 18 August by the Israeli army. The raid on the DCIP office was part of a series of early morning raids against the six prominent Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations listed by the Israeli government as terrorist organisations in October 2021.

As reported by Defence for Children International, this new attack to civil society comes as a response to the collective statement by main European States present in Palestine, clarifying that no serious proof of the Israeli allegations have been provided since October 2021 and therefore they will continue to cooperate and provide strong support for the civil society in Palestine. A US statement of the Biden administration was also recently going towards the same conclusion.

We join others in condemning these recent unjustified attacks and the call for solidarity with civil society and children in Palestine.

For more information: Israeli forces raid and seal shut DCIP and 5 other civil society organisations offices, leaving an official notice declaring the organisations unlawful – Defence for Children