We are very pleased to announce the launch of our updated publication:

My Pocket Guide to CRC Reporting
A companion guide for children willing to tell the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child about how children’s rights are respected in their country

The new version of the guide is available in EnglishSpanishFrench.

It represents a major resource for children to tell the Committee on the Rights of the Child how their rights and the rights of their peers are respected in their country and to engage in ongoing monitoring of the UNCRC and its optional protocols.

The guide now incorporates the new working methods and procedures of the CRC Committee, including the working methods for the participation of children and practical advices on the Simplified Reporting Procedure. It also better reflects the role of children acting as human rights defenders.

The updated guide also includes new case studies of children’s experiences in the reporting cycle and we would like to thank the organisations for their contributions: Association ADO+ – Tunisia, Children´s Rights Alliance for United Kingdom (CRAE), Child Rights Information Center (CRIC) – Moldova, Dutch National Youth Council (NJR) – Netherlands, Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation – Hungary, International Child Rights Center (InCRC), the Korean Committee for UNICEF, and Child Fund Korea – Republic of Korea, Plateforme de la Société Civile pour l’Enfance – Madagascar, Red Niña Niño – Guatemala.

The case studies of the previous guide (2011) are still available: Case studies – Children’s engagement in CRC reporting

What you can do!

We encourage organisations to:

  1. Share this guide with all children you are supporting, and disseminate it among your networks and partners
  2. Publish the guide in English, French and Spanish on your website and online resources, or if already published, replace with its updated versions
  3. Spread the word on social media, using:
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  • Recommended hashtags: #childparticipation #childrights #CHRDs and tag @ChildRightsCnct

4. Translate the guide in other languages and share it with Child Rights Connect:

Next steps

Child Rights Connect is also currently updating its publication Together with children, for children, which is a tool for organisations accompanying children in the monitoring and implementation of the CRC and its Optional Protocols and supporting any related activities that are run by, with and for children. Stay tuned!

These two publications were developed together and are complementary to each other.