We have just launched our new campaign #ChildrenStandUp4HumanRights: Follow their lead! to garner support for our child advisors to take forward their own national awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns in the context of the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and our 40th anniversary in 2023. Lend your voice to their call! Support them now!

Have you also noticed that, around the globe, more and more children stand up, mobilize and address pressing challenges that our societies face? In Iran, brave girls and young women are marching in the streets against decades of oppression. It is again children who challenge the commitments of world leaders on climate change under the banner of the Fridays for Future movement. Our child advisors are also mobilizing and acting to address critical challenges in their communities and globally: discrimination, violence, pollution, poverty, etc. Thanks to donors’ support, they have had key successes in doing so (Read more here). And much more can be achieved with your help! Donate now.

Now more than ever, these children need your help. Children are more vulnerable than adults due to their age and specific vulnerabilities. They are not taken as seriously as adults. Their human rights activities remain all too often invisible. More and more, they face risks to their safety. In all corners of the world, child rights are under attack. As 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, join us in hearing and responding to their call for empowerment, protection and support. Donate now.

Our child advisors are never short of ideas about what changes they can bring and how to go about it.

“The impact may be big or small, but we all fight for what we believe in.”

With your support, 15-year-old Gloria and her girl-led organisation in Cameroon ambition to launch a new campaign #ArtforPeace and #ArtistsAsHRDs to garner wide support for peace and human rights. Involving children and youth, specifically girls, the campaign will mobilize 300+ artists and other defenders in sharing, through art, a message of hope and resilience in schools, churches, mosques, government and civil society meetings, and through social media in the face of violent extremism, terrorism, and restricted civic space. Above all, Gloria hopes this will inspire many other children as well as adults to join her restless fight for peace and human rights. Gloria and the other child advisors can count on us at Child Rights Connect to amplify their campaign through continuous support to our Children’s Advisory Team and our global advocacy.

Can they also count on you? Donate now up until 8 January 2023. Also, spread the word about the campaign. Human rights are under attack, everywhere, constantly. And children acting as human rights defenders are not spared.

If you want to know more, check our dedicated webpage and/or contact our Programme Manager, Fanny Cachat – van der Haert at: cachat@childrightsconnect.org

Thank you for any support you may be able to bring. You keep the mission going!