As a follow-up to the pre-session and the DGD, Child Rights Connect coordinated with the child rights coalition in Guinea in order to include references to the CRC and the protection of children human rights defenders in Guinea’s draft law on human rights defenders. This was reflected in a paragraph of the CRC Committee’s COBs for Guinea (para. 23), which is attached. We are very happy to have initiated the dialogue between the child rights coalition and the human rights coalition supported by ISHR; it is therefore a good example of connecting the child rights and the human rights constituencies at national level.  

Children human rights defenders were also mentioned in the CRC Committee’s COBs for Bahrain (para. 13.b and para. 24). 

These two mentions show not only the impact of the of 2018 DGD but also of the connection work that Child Rights Connect can conduct through the support of its members across the world.

See article in French on ISHR website.