Events Calendar

Here you can find upcoming public events with Child Rights Connect’s Secretariat involvement. In addition, you can find updated information on the sessions and pre-sessions of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

84th session in Samoa

Apia Apia

Session: Cook Islands, Micronesia, Tuvalu Pre-session: Kiribati Find more information on out dedicated webpage!

87th pre-session

Canada (CRC), Iceland (CRC), Kuwait (CRC), Philippines (CRC), Poland (CRC SRP), Ukraine (CRC), Vietnam (CRC) Adoption of LOIPR: France, Ireland The 87th pre-session, originally planned in June 2020, is postponed to September/October 2020.  

Virtual Side Event on a Child Rights Approach to the LBI Draft Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Business activities and enterprises significantly affect children in all aspects of their lives. As the Committee on the Rights of the Child highlighted, “children are both rights-holders and stakeholders in business”. Children are potential consumers targeted by marketing strategies and possibly using harmful or unsuitable products and services, off and [...]

86th online limited session

88th pre-session

Pre-session: Afghanistan (OPAC), Azerbaijan (CRC), Bolivia (CRC), Germany (CRC), Luxembourg (CRC SRP), North Macedonia (CRC), South Sudan (CRC), Uzbekistan (CRC) Adoption of LOIPR: South Africa, United Kingdom This pre-session will be held online.

87th session (online)

The CRC Committee decided to undertake online reviews "on a pilot exceptional basis" for Luxembourg (SRP) and Tunisia. Deadline for additional submission (standard procedure): 5th May 2021 Programme of work is available here:

89th pre-session

SRP pre-sessions: Croatia, Netherlands, Switzerland. Deadline for written inputs to State report: 1st May 2021 Adoption of LOIPR: Bulgaria, Fiji, Liechtenstein, Oman. Deadline for written inputs to LOIPR: 1st March 2021

88th session

The session will be conducted in-person with the following country reviews: Czech Republic, Eswatini, Poland (SRP), Switzerland (SRP). Deadline for additional submission: 15th August 2021 The review of Afghanistan (CRC, OPAC) is postponed.

90th pre-session

SRP Pre-session: Chile and Zambia Deadline for written inputs to the State report: 1st September 2021 Adoption of LOIPR: Bhutan, Ecuador, Estonia, Georgia, Guatemala, Peru and Sierra Leone. Deadline for written inputs to LOIPR: 1st July 2021

89th session

Madagascar, Netherlands (SRP) Deadline for additional submission: 15th  December 2021 "As a result of unprecedented rise of COVID-19/Omicron cases, the OHCHR has evaluated that the 89th session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child due to start on 17 January 2022 is not possible in an in-person format. The [...]

90th session

Cambodia, Canada, Chile (SRP), Croatia (SRP), Cuba, Cyprus, Djibouti, Greece, Iceland, Kiribati, Somalia, Zambia (SRP) Deadline for additional submission: 15th  April 2022  


This side event at the  34th Annual Meeting of Chairpersons of the Human Rights Treaty Bodies, co-organized by the Geneva Human Rights Platform, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Commonwealth Secretariat,  TB-Net and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in New York. represents an opportunity for all stakeholders to take [...]

91st session

Germany, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Philippines, South Sudan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam Deadline for additional submission: 15th  August 2022  

93rd pre-session

Pre-sessions: Albania, Finland, Jordan, Sao Tome and Principe, Turkey. Deadline for alternative reports: 1st July 2022 SRP pre-sessions: Mauritius, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, Oman. Deadline for written inputs to State reports: 15th August 2022

92nd session

Azerbaijan, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Ireland, Mauritius, New Zealand, Oman, Sweden Deadline for additional submission: 15th  December 2022 Registration: