Stepping up joint efforts to bring the Caribbean up to speed on the realisation of children’s rights

High-Level conference identifies key priorities to advance children’s rights in the Caribbean  Participants focused on the need of international and regional human rights mechanisms to foster child rights promotion     On December 7th 2021, Child Rights Connect co-organised a high-level conference on Advancing children's rights in the Caribbean by using the international and regional human rights systems to support national efforts (Read the summary of the [...]

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Join the Joint Position Paper on key recommendation on Child Rights and Family Reunification!

The Human Rights Council (HRC) will dedicate its next annual full-day meeting on the rights of the child to take place in March 2022 on the theme “the rights of the child and family reunification”. As per usual practice, it will also be the theme of the next HRC [...]

2022-03-07T11:24:04+01:0017 November , 2021|

A big win for child rights as the Council recognises that having a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right, and establishes a Special Rapporteur dedicated to climate change!

The main UN human rights body, the Human Rights Council, recognized for the first time that having a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is indeed a human right!  Through resolution 48/13, overwhelmingly voted in favor on 8 October, the Council emphasized the importance that the recognition of the right to a safe, clean, [...]

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