Children’s Engagement in the CRC Reporting Cycle

CRC follow-up case studies

Child Rights Connect gathered information from NGOs and NHRIs working at national and international levels to produce case studies about their experiences following up on the CRC reporting process. Each study provides a brief explanation about the activities undertaken and the results.

Set of 10 case studies:

Individual Case Study topics

  • Case Study 1: Cambodia – Consultative Workshop and Action Plan
  • Case Study 2: England – Annual Review
  • Case Study 3: Azerbaijan – Follow-up activities on the Concluding Observations
  • Case Study 4: Democratic Republic of Congo – Workshop on the Implementation of the OPAC Concluding Observations
  • Case Study 5: International NGO – Follow-up on a Thematic Issue
  • Case Study 6: Italy – Annual Report
  • Case Study 7: Peru – Monitoring Report
  • Case Study 8: Philippines – Monitoring Indicators
  • Case Study 9: Senegal – Follow-up on Specific Recommendations
  • Case Study 10: Sri Lanka – Child Centric Budget Analysis

Set of 7 case studies:

Individual Case Study topics

  • Case Study 1: Albania – Promoting Child Participation
  • Case Study 2: Australia – Establishment of a National Children’s Commissioner
  • Case Study 3: Namibia – Focused Advocacy: Extension of Maternity Leave
  • Case Study 4: Nepal – Thematic Study on Child Participation
  • Case Study 5: Sierra Leone – Campaign to Develop and Adopt Legislation on Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Case Study 6: Sudan – Harmonizing National Legislation
  • Case Study 7: Swaziland – Developed and Enacted a Children’s Act

This working paper examines how national coalitions have used the concluding observations of the Committee to monitor the implementation of the CRC at national level. Nine case studies are presented and lessons learned are analysed.