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CRC session 92

16 January , 2023|

At the 92nd CRC session opening, for the second time, children have addressed the Committee at the session opening! A member of the General Comment 26 Children’s Advisory Team delivered a speech, followed by a video message from other GC26 [...]

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This page responds to the child advisors’ call for a platform to monitor the follow-up to the Day of General Discussion (DGD) on Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights defenders. It showcases direct follow-up activities to the 2018 DGD as well as examples of the different ways in which the global movement for children human rights defenders is growing at different levels and in many different forms.

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95th session

15 January, 2024 - 2 February, 2024

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97th pre-session

5 February, 2024 - 9 February, 2024

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96th session

6 May, 2024 - 24 May, 2024

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98th pre-session

27 May, 2024 - 31 May, 2024

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97th session

26 August, 2024 - 13 September, 2024

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99th pre-session

16 September, 2024 - 20 September, 2024

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